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WARNING: Please read the following contract text in 16-point font and print it in bold font. Also; Every customer who makes purchases through our internet site is considered to have read and accepted all of the following sales contracts which are arranged by us without any other notice!

Service contract

Web Site Distance Sales Contract

According to the "Regulations on the procedures and principles of distance contracts" published on the official gazette dated 13.06.2003 and numbered 25137, a contract has to be made for sales realized over the internet. The contract details are as follows.

Web Site Distance Sales Contract

1- Parties

Service provider Bdrm Bodrum Tour Tourism will be referred to as "Agency".

The name and surname of the named person and / or the persons he / she represents in the reserve shall be referred to as "Consumer".

2- Subject

This contract was made between the Consumer and the Agency.

It is regulated for service sales made in written, visual, telephone and electronic environment, where the sale of the Agency is subject to the services specified below in terms of qualifications and conditions of sale, including the rights and obligations of the parties.

Qualifications of the purchased service, including transfer, tour and vehicle allocation services purchased by the Consumer from the website of the Agency, are specified in the Web Site Distance Purchase Agreement and "Terms and Conditions" pages and in the booking and confirmation form sent to the e-mail address with the service fee.

3- Time of contract

This contract of business; it enters into force on the date it is approved by the Agency to be booked and if no dispute arises, it will automatically terminate when the Consumer's service is over. In the event of a dispute, this contractual relationship will be valid until the final settlement of the dispute.

4- Payment and Invoice Information

Consumers are obliged to pay the service fee at the time of reservation.

The prices quoted on the service price are K.D.V. It is included.

Reservation and payment made; Acenten's Web Site implies acceptance of the terms set forth in the Distance Sales Agreement and the "Terms and Conditions" pages.

Complaints and refund requests must be forwarded to until 14 (fourteen) days after the service date.

V.U.K. Length of billing for the purchased service. in accordance with the circumstance of 7 days including the date of purchase with the condition not to jump.

The agency will use the information provided in the booking form in the documentation of invoices to be sent.

The invoice will be shipped by courier against the adrese that the consumer will indicate on the reservation form upon request.

Payments made with Paypal are subject to a service fee added to the transaction (commission) fee paypal payment page received by Paypal, and the commission amount belongs to the customer.

The same amount of transaction (commission) fee received by Paypal in Paypal exchanges is deducted from Paypal payment service fee and the commission amount belongs to the customer.

In credit card payments, the installment payment option that the customer chooses is added to the service fee line and the installment payment table automatically shows the difference in the maturity difference that the relevant bank payment systems have been determined.

The costs incurred due to the cancellation of the credit card payments made to the bank's POS system, which is paid to the company that provides the payment systems, are deducted from the amount to be returned to the customer.

In the case of payments made by bank transfer, the transaction cost of the bank is deducted from the service fee and the transaction cost is owned by the customer.

In our web site, only certain prepayment conditions can occur as a payment option in some vehicles.

prepaid instruments mentioned on the booking page of our website Turkey is a prerequisite to be done on the basis of 72 hours advance booking local time, it shall be deemed accepted limitations on how long if the booking was made.

In the case of the requests that will be made 72 hours after the mentioned vehicles, it is necessary to communicate with us and obtain preliminary eligibility.

In some destinations in our web site, only prepayment condition can occur as a payment option.

There may be commissions cut off by the sender due to financial agreements between the countries in the case of bank transfers made abroad or due to reasons arising from the commission policy of the sending bank or the correspondent bank.

The commission from the bank to which the money transfer is to be made is the responsibility of the sender of the discontinuance and responsibility.

In order to avoid such a situation, please confirm with your bank

5- Cancellation and Change

When the consumer asks for cancellation up to 12 hours before the start of the service, all the service fee paid is returned to him.

The consumer is entitled to a refund of 50% of the one way service charge for cancellation requests within 12 hours of the commencement of the service. (if the double-headed service fee is paid, the entire return fee will be refunded)

These conditions do not cover campaign services, early bookings or discounted bookings.

The cancellation provisions apply when changes are made by the consumer.

The Consumer shall comply with the service contract rules relating to the service purchased from the Agency; 3. acknowledge that the person will respect the life, property and peacefulness otherwise he will not receive the service for just cause and that the right to extradition is not available.

If the credit card belonging to the Customer after the performance of the Service fails to pay the service fee of the bank or financial institution to the Agency for the reason of unauthorized use or unauthorized use of the unauthorized persons unauthorized by the Agency, the Consumer is responsible for the service cost and damages.

6- General provisions

The agency is responsible for the mechanical breakdown, traffic accidents, operational disruptions, air confrontation, traffic congestion, terrorist incidents, practices of law enforcement agencies, etc., an alternative vehicle will be provided as soon as possible and / or otherwise informed as soon as he / she understands that you will not be able to carry out your transfer due to the reasons.

In the event that we have mentioned above, the transfer fee paid shall be paid back uninterruptedly and / or in such a case, the difference in price due to the transportation that the Consumer has provided to himself / herself shall be paid by the Agency.

TURSAB BODRUM CHARACTERISTICS is applied in the calculation of compensation to be paid in case the Agency does not comply with the contract partially or completely.

7- Enforcement

This contract is made up of 7 main items and if necessary, 2 copies of the contract will be signed and signed by the parties. In case of disputes arising from the contract, the provisions of the Law on Road Transportation No. 4925 apply. The court of jurisdiction and the executive offices are authorized for the dispute arising from this agreement.

I have read and agreed to the terms of the contract on behalf of the persons writing and / or on the reservation form.

This statement; even if the reservation has been executed and / or signed by someone else instead of myself.

I declare that I have read and understand all the provisions stated in the Web Site Distance Sales Contract and "Terms and Conditions" page, which are arranged as a consumer, the responsibility of the accuracy of my information on the booking form I have sent, the Road Transport Law No. 4925 and the information on the Agency website.


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